Sled Driver – Brian Shul, SR-71 Pilot

October 25th, 2020|

Sled Driver Brian Shul should not be alive, much less belong to the elite cadre of pilots who have flown the world’s fastest airplane. The SR-71 can flight at altitudes exceeding 85,000 feet and speeds beyond Mach 3 (2,223 miles per hour). The aircraft is truly faster than a speeding bullet. He flew 212 covert close air support missions in Laos and Cambodia before being shot down. Unable to eject, he expected to die in the fiery crash but survived. Following a harrowing rescue, doctors did not expect him to live.  Brian himself admits that the ordeal was so intense [...]


Col. Joseph Turnham – “We Don’t Fight Alone”

October 18th, 2020|

One might say that military service is in Col. Joseph Turnham’s DNA. His family traces their military service back to his sixth great grandfather who fought at Valley Forge and was present at Yorktown for the surrender of Cornwallis.  Turnham HAD planned to become a doctor until he took some flying lessons. He now has over 3,600 hours in the cockpit – 1,149 of those in combat. Prior to assuming command of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (one of the largest installations and flying operations in the US Air Force) Col. Turnham was commander of the NATO mission to train & [...]


Merica Bourbon – Derek Sisson

October 11th, 2020|

Merica Bourbon Founder Derek Sisson warns aspiring entrepreneurs “When you decide to make that leap into starting your own business, brace for impact.”  Nonetheless he has great advice to share in our latest Veteran Entrepreneur segment. Derek served five years as a Force Recon Marine and compares the Special Forces to the “entrepreneurs” of the military world. After leaving the Corps he was forced into entrepreneurship because he needed to make a living but “..there weren’t a lot of companies looking for airborne qualified office managers.”  He started and eventually sold an ecotourism business before getting involved the fitness industry. [...]


Green Beret Foundation – Brent Cooper

October 4th, 2020|

Green Beret Foundation Executive Director Brent Cooper might have been a little late in starting his military career, but serving our nation was always something he wanted to do. While the average age of an enlisted Green Beret is 29 years old, Cooper didn’t join until the “ripe old age” of 30 after securing an age waiver. Cooper served as a Communication Sergeant with the 5th Special Forces Group. He deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, earning a Bronze Star. He describes the role of a Green Beret as “Warrior-Diplomat” and that concept appealed to him. “The [...]


Medal of Honor Museum – David Bellavia & Joe Daniels

September 27th, 2020|

The Medal of Honor was presented to Staff Sergeant David Bellavia for his actions November 10, 2004 during the second battle of Fallujah. He would become the first living Iraq War Veteran to earn our nation’s highest military decoration. He also sits on the board of the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation. While clearing a block of houses in Fallujah, David and his soldiers walked into a fortified ambush. He describes it as a “house ready to blow up”. David’s cover fire allowed his comrades to break contact but the insurgents remained. In his words, David said that at [...]


Havok Journal Update – Scott Faith

September 20th, 2020|

Havok Journal Managing Editor Scott Faith joins us for his regular update on issues in the Veteran community and a variety of other topics. The mission of the Havok Journal is to serve as the voice of the Veteran community through a focus on current affairs and articles of interest to the public in general. We start with Scott’s perspective on celebrities involved in supporting Veteran & Military family causes.  Scott specifically mentions the initiatives being led by Jon Stewart and Mark Wahlberg.  He believes involvement by these high profile individuals is important because military members and Veterans are often [...]