Coast Guard Captain Martha LaGuardia-Kotite

March 29th, 2020|

Martha LaGuardia-Kotite has firsthand experience with the old sailor’s superstition that women aboard ships are bad luck. When she an another officer were the first women assigned to serve on a particular Coast Guard cutter in 1989 (along an otherwise all male crew), some of the crew grumbled about bad luck. However, the Coast Guard has in many ways been on the cutting edge of innovative changes and Martha chose to apply to their academy specifically because there were no gender restrictions; ALL roles in the Coast Guard were open to both men & women. Captain Martha LaGuardia-Kotite [...]


Weaponizing Influencers – Scott Faith, Havok Journal

March 22nd, 2020|

Weaponizing the Influencers; Strategy in a Time of “COVID” examines the weaknesses exposed by the COVID-19 virus outbreak and how enemies of the United States could use the current situation as a blueprint for future aggression. We are joined by Scott Faith, Editor of The Havok Journal for his perspective and why he chose to publish the article. In the article I describe the three phases of an action that could bring the US to its knees without ever firing a shot in anger. Phase I: Prepare the battlespace by dominating the rare earth minerals, consumer electronic and pharmaceutical markets. [...]


Task Force Pale Horse – Col. Jimmy Blackmon

March 8th, 2020|

“Pale Horse: Hunting Terrorists and Commanding Heroes With the 101st Airborne” is one of three books authored by Colonel Jimmy Blackmon. Pale Horse tells the true story of an Army aviation task force in Afghanistan during a period when “we fought every day of the year”. While he has flown high risk missions all over the globe, Jimmy’s introduction to the Army was not quite so glamorous. With working at the local cotton mill his only prospect after High School, he responded eagerly when “..an Army recruiter came knocking on our raggedy screen door.” The recruiter knew he had Jimmy [...]


The Moscow Rules – Jonna Mendez

March 1st, 2020|

In The Moscow Rules, Tony and Jonna Mendez share some of the secret CIA tactics and techniques that helped America win the cold war against the Soviet Union. Jonna reveals her "true" self in the Oval office Both Tony and Jonna have been dubbed CIA “Masters of Disguise”. Tony for his masterful execution of a highly risky rescue mission to extract US personnel from Tehran in the middle of the Iranian revolution. (This mission would become the basis for the academy award winning film “Argo”.)  Jonna’s successes were a little less public but nonetheless extraordinary.  Her boss challenged [...]


Veteran Advocate Dr. Alice Atalanta

February 23rd, 2020|

A glance at Dr. Alice Atalanta’s educational background would never give you a clue that she would become such a strong and vocal advocate for Veterans. She holds two Bachelor’s degrees, three Masters, and a Ph.D. – none of them in disciplines that have anything to do with the military.  However, her mission has become one parallel to American Warrior Radio; to advocate by serving as a translator between the military and civilian communities. In a recent Havok Journal article, she uses the example of the public reaction to Kobe Bryant’s tragic death to call attention to the contrasting silence [...]


American Spy – CIA Operations Officer HK Roy

February 9th, 2020|

America Spy; Wry Reflections on My Life in the CIA is a humorous and revealing firsthand look into the life of a CIA agent and his continuing career to protect American interests and citizens. Author HK Roy refers to his 13 years as a CIA Operations Officer as an “adventure”.  He is being modest. From narrowly escaping capture by Iranian terrorists in Bosnia to using his wife as part of the team while planting a listening device in Latin America, spy life was certainly not boring. But it often also wandered into the absurd. HK shares several examples of government [...]