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Sun 6/25/2023

Military Broadcast Radio – Joel Hunt

2023-06-25T12:12:14-07:00June 25th, 2023|

Military Broadcast Radio principal Joel Hunt is an Army Veteran. The mission of MBR is to provide a forum to help Veterans heal by teaching them to host their own radio programs. Joel’s path into the military is an ageless one. He had his heart broken. Joel was driving a Humvee that was hit by an improvised explosive device. While he has memory issues his DD-214 states it was not the only time. He still suffers from a traumatic brain [...]

Sun 6/11/2023

With Them Frontlines – Shawn Piatz

2023-06-11T12:00:09-07:00June 11th, 2023|

With Them Frontlines will be so much more than just a video game. While featuring actual missions undertaken by actual warriors is pretty cool, merging the game with other technologies to gain insights into PTSD treatment is a REAL game changer. The US video gaming market is a $97.6 billion industry and a technology readily embraced by many Global War on Terror Veterans. With Them Frontlines is being produced by Austin based ORE System and in this episode we are [...]

Sun 4/23/2023

Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes

2023-04-23T12:27:37-07:00April 23rd, 2023|

The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes provides support for Veterans severely wounded during the Global War on Terror. Two representatives join us for this broadcast. Donny Daughenbaugh is the Senior VP for Development and Administration. He was shot in the face when his Marine Squad was engaged south of Baghdad. The bullet lodged at the base of his skull near his spine so doctors chose to leave it in place. Donny suffers tremendous pain to this day. Mary Jessie Herrera [...]

Sun 4/9/2023

A Soldier’s Child Foundation – Daryl Mackin

2023-04-09T09:55:54-07:00April 9th, 2023|

A Soldier’s Child Foundation  was born from a single photograph. The photo by Aaron Thompson won the Associated Press Managing Editor’s Photo of the Year. The compelling image depicts 8 year old Christian Golczynski being presented a folded American flag at the funeral of his father Marc. Daryl Mackin was a neighbor of Marc’s parents. For months after Marc’s death, he did everything he could for them. Then one day Marc’s dad said. “Did it really matter and does anyone [...]

Sun 4/2/2023

Colton James – Land 4 Heroes Lodge

2023-04-02T12:50:26-07:00April 2nd, 2023|

Colton James has always held a deep love for our country and abiding respect for those who serve in the military and first responder communities. Many of this country western artist’s songs reflect those themes. “Our family was red, white and blue all the way.” Both of his grandfathers, five of his uncles and his brother served in the military. Colton himself almost signed up to be a fighter pilot but music took him down a different path.  He began [...]

Sun 1/15/2023

Combat Control Foundation

2023-01-15T18:09:04-07:00January 15th, 2023|

Combat Control Foundation founding members Mike Lamonica and Mike West join us to discuss some of our military’s most highly trained warriors. The motto of Combat Controllers is “First There” and is derived from World War II when Pathfinders were inserted in advance of other troops in order to provide weather information and visual guidance for inbound aircraft. Today’s Combat Control personnel are trained in air traffic control, Joint Terminal Attack Control, parachuting, explosives and combat diving. Their qualification course [...]

Tue 11/29/2022

Forever Young Veterans – Diane Hight

2022-11-29T08:41:29-07:00November 29th, 2022|

Diane Hight didn’t know why her father had become an alcoholic. It wasn’t until much later in life she realized that he was suffering silently from his experiences in World War II. This discovery and her abiding respect for the generation that fought in WWII and Korea led her to found Forever Young Veterans. “They are a generation that has never asked for anything. I thought at the very least I could grant some special wishes for them.”  Since 2006 [...]

Wed 11/16/2022

Fisher House CEO Ken Fisher

2022-11-16T09:34:20-07:00November 16th, 2022|

Fisher House Chairman & CEO Ken Fisher is carrying on the wonderful program first created by his great uncle Zachary Fisher.  To date, the Fisher House has provided support to over 430,000 military and Veteran families in the form of free lodging and travel. Neither Ken nor Zachary served in the military. But when Zach heard the USS Intrepid was going to be scrapped he led an initiative to have the ship preserved and converted to a museum that hosts [...]

Tue 11/8/2022

Transition – Havok Journal Editor Scott Faith

2022-11-08T12:01:08-07:00November 8th, 2022|

The transition from military to civilian life is the principle focus of our regular Havok Journal update with Editor Scott Faith.  The transition can be more difficult for some than it is for others. Scott himself is retiring from the Army soon after 28 years in service. Several articles on the topic have been published on Havok Journal and we discuss highlights of each. “Observations of a Transitioning Officer – Time to Go” by Josh McKaskill “A Green Beret Leaves [...]

Sun 8/7/2022

Valor Club – Michael McDowell

2022-08-07T15:34:01-07:00August 7th, 2022|

Valor Club is an innovative master planned community specifically designed for transitioning Veterans. The development will be built on 200 acres five miles southeast of San Antonio. At full build out, the $330 million dollar community will include 1,400 residential units on a campus also featuring various support amenities and services. This community will be the first of its kind on this scale. Michael McDowell is the President  & CEO of Valor Club and a Marine Veteran with multiple combat [...]

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