Sun 10/31/2021

COMCAST Senior VP Carol Eggert

2021-10-31T11:32:03-07:00October 31st, 2021|

COMCAST/NBC Universal Senior Vice President of Military and Veteran Affairs Carol Eggert says that when she was recruited by the company she “..wasn’t looking for a job but found a purpose.”  She had already compiled an impressive military career rising from the enlisted ranks to Brigadier General. When Carol first joined the Army, the service was still gender segregated; not all positions were open to women. The irony was not lost upon her while leading Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Iraq [...]

Sun 6/13/2021

Darden Smith – We All Wear Uniforms

2021-06-13T16:24:44-07:00June 13th, 2021|

Darden Smith has been called one of the most respected American musicians working today. As a songwriter, he has spent most of his life thinking “There’s a song here somewhere.” His motto is “Write Songs. Tell Stories. Move People.” As a typical civilian, Darden Smith had a lot of misperceptions about what it meant to serve in the military. That was before he was booked to perform at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center for a group of service members just returned [...]

Mon 5/24/2021

“Freedom” – Sebastian Junger

2021-05-24T19:37:17-07:00May 24th, 2021|

“Freedom” is the latest release from multiple New York Times bestselling author Sebastian Junger.  He has also produced several documentaries including the Academy Award nominated documentary “Restrepo”.  In my opinion, Sebastian is one of the most insightful translators of the nature of the human condition I have ever read. Photo Credit: Peter Foley He chose the topic because “Freedom is one of the few things that people are willing to die for. It’s a core human value.”  “Freedom” [...]

Sun 9/13/2020

Bo Derek – Helping Veterans and Military K9’s

2021-03-26T17:16:46-07:00September 13th, 2020|

Bo Derek wasn’t on our list of celebrities to interview regarding their support of Veterans. As it turns out, I didn’t know Bo. Many of her family members served in the military; her father was a radio operator on a B-29 during the Korean War. Her stepfather served as a Green Beret in Vietnam and her ex-husband was also a Veteran. However, it was a chance encounter with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony Principi that really got Bo engaged. [...]

Sat 7/4/2020

Matthew Marsden – Independence Day

2021-03-26T17:21:48-07:00July 4th, 2020|

Matthew Marsden made a comment during an interview last year that just floored me. So much so that I invited the British born actor/director to join me for a special Independence Day show. Sometimes it is valuable to examine ourselves through the lens of an “outsider”. Marsden was raised by a single mother living in public housing. He was fascinated by US television and even comic books. While he established a respectable career as a singer and actor in the [...]

Sun 9/1/2019

Sgt. Will Gardner – Max Martini

2020-12-21T22:10:32-07:00September 1st, 2019|

Sgt. Will Gardner was a labor of love for Max Martini. An accomplished actor, he has played military roles in many films including “13 Hours”, “The Great Raid”, “Captain Phillips” and the TV Series “The Unit”. While Max has relatives who served in the military and law enforcement, it wasn’t until his role in "Saving Private Ryan" that he was inspired to create a calling for himself to help Veterans. He feels that “Saving Private Ryan” was key to allowing [...]

Sun 2/3/2019

Matthew Marsden & Matt James – “I Am That Man”

2021-01-04T09:22:25-07:00February 3rd, 2019|

British born actor Matthew Marsden has 38 films/television series to his credit and has played military characters many times. But it was an encounter with an Army Ranger during the filming of “Blackhawk Down” that inspired his commitment to supporting those who serve. Matthew Marsden Matthew asked the Ranger why he joined to which the young Ranger responded “For Freedom.”  Matthew then asked “You’d die for me wouldn’t you?” To which the Ranger responded “Yes sir”.   This experience [...]

Tue 12/18/2018

Reagan Legacy Foundation – Michael Reagan

2021-01-04T10:02:51-07:00December 18th, 2018|

The Reagan Legacy Foundation was created by Michael Reagan and his wife in order to advance the causes that his father, President Ronald Reagan, held dear and to memorialize the accomplishments of his presidency. He was inspired by a conversation he had in the hospital with his sister Maureen just before she passed – she asked him to consider doing something to carry on their father’s legacy. The Walkway to Victory campaign kicked off on in June with the objective [...]

Sun 6/3/2018

God Bless the USA – Lee Greenwood

2021-01-11T07:26:42-07:00June 3rd, 2018|

Lee Greenwood has had over two dozen songs on the billboard charts and SEVEN songs ranked number one.  But he will perhaps always be known for one song in particular; “God Bless the USA” Greenwood was raised working on his grandparent’s farm after his parents separated during WWII.  He pursued his passion for music from an early age and by the time he finished high school he had mastered most all the instruments in the orchestra. He began working for the [...]

Sun 5/6/2018

Herschel Walker – Rocky Ridge Truck Giveaway

2021-01-11T07:44:32-07:00May 6th, 2018|

Herschel Walker and SEAL Brian Jason. Photo Credit: Fox Business Herschel Walker is considered one of our nation’s elite athletes. Brian Jason served with one of the world’s most elite military units.  The True American Hero Truck giveaway brought them together. The giveaway was an initiative of the Rocky Ridge Truck Company to recognize and give back to first responders and members of our military. Herschel Walker was on top of the world.  But one day the NFL [...]

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