Sun 9/20/2020

Havok Journal Update – Scott Faith

2020-09-20T13:55:39-07:00September 20th, 2020|

Havok Journal Managing Editor Scott Faith joins us for his regular update on issues in the Veteran community and a variety of other topics. The mission of the Havok Journal is to serve as the voice of the Veteran community through a focus on current affairs and articles of interest to the public in general. We start with Scott’s perspective on celebrities involved in supporting Veteran & Military family causes.  Scott specifically mentions the initiatives being led by Jon Stewart [...]

Sun 9/13/2020

Bo Derek – Helping Veterans and Military K9’s

2020-09-13T12:42:05-07:00September 13th, 2020|

Bo Derek wasn’t on our list of celebrities to interview regarding their support of Veterans. As it turns out, I didn’t know Bo. Many of her family members served in the military; her father was a radio operator on a B-29 during the Korean War. Her stepfather served as a Green Beret in Vietnam and her ex-husband was also a Veteran. However, it was a chance encounter with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony Principi that really got Bo engaged. [...]

Sun 9/6/2020

On the Blue Line – Wayne Mulder

2020-09-06T12:14:52-07:00September 6th, 2020|

On The Blue Line founder and host Wayne Mulder never thought he would become a cop but he has now worn the badge for nine years. On the Blue Line is one of the podcasts hosted by Heroes Media Group. Wayne created the On the Blue Line podcast in March of 2019. The program is “Geared to help cops find success in what REALLY matters, your life outside the badge.”  He motivation is to help other law enforcement professionals find [...]

Sun 8/30/2020

Tony Marshall – Pushing Boundaries

2020-08-30T17:42:33-07:00August 30th, 2020|

Marion “Tony” Marshall had a penchant for pushing boundaries.  This led to some rather intriguing experiences during his time as a POW in Vietnam. Tony always wanted to be a pilot. Despite “skating” in high school he secured an interview for a military academy appointment and was one of only 6 black cadets in his Air Force Academy class of 1,000 persons.  His eyesight prevented him from entering pilot training so he chose to become a navigator just to get [...]

Sun 8/23/2020

Desert Storm POW Jeff “Tico” Tice

2020-08-23T11:46:40-07:00August 23rd, 2020|

Operation Desert Storm would be Jeff “Tico” Tice’s first opportunity to fly combat missions.  Things didn’t turn out as well as planned. On his second combat mission of the conflict, a last minute mechanical issue forced Jeff to switch aircraft and didn’t allow time for his good luck tradition of spitting into the plane’s exhaust. On the second day of the Desert Storm "Shock & Awe" campaign Jeff’s F-16 was hit by an Iraqi surface to air missile.  He would [...]

Sun 8/16/2020

AZ Shooter’s World – Phillip Roux

2020-08-16T16:17:06-07:00August 16th, 2020|

AZ Shooter's World CEO Phillip Roux thought they had a pretty diverse customer base – until the COVID Crisis hit. This Veteran Entrepreneur feature explores doing business in the time of crisis – in an industry that has seen a tremendous impact. Phil had a number of family members who served in the military so joining the Army reserves seemed a natural path. He volunteered for a special assignment supporting various agencies doing drug interdiction along the US-Mexico border. When [...]

Sun 8/9/2020

Glyn Haynie – When I Turned Nineteen

2020-08-09T11:20:57-07:00August 9th, 2020|

Glyn Haynie turned 19 years old one month after he set foot in Vietnam. Military service was in his family blood; a Haynie from every generation has served going back to the American Revolution.  Still, it was disconcerting that despite an Army policy against brothers serving together in combat, Glyn and his brother were shipped to Vietnam together. Literally on the same flight. Glyn Haynie has published seven books, three related to his experiences in Vietnam and the years that [...]

Sun 8/2/2020

Battle Bars – Ian Sparks & Alex Witt

2020-08-02T11:01:29-07:00August 2nd, 2020|

Battle Bars was inspired out of a family tragedy. Now this Veteran owned and operated company is making waves in the protein bar industry and giving back to their communities along the way. Company co-founder and Chief Operations Officer Ian Sparks (Army Combat Engineer) and CEO Alex Witt (Navy Master-At-Arms) join us for a Veteran Entrepreneur feature. Like many entrepreneurial efforts, Battle Bars initially capitalized the company by going the “standard” route of talking to family and friends about their [...]

Mon 7/27/2020

Save the Brave – Scott Huesing

2020-07-27T11:31:10-07:00July 27th, 2020|

Save the Brave Executive Director Scott Huesing was asked to give the eulogy at the memorial service for David White, a high school friend and Navy Veteran. David drank himself to death. Rather than fly cross country, Scott decided to undertake a 4,600 mile roundtrip motorcycle journey in order to honor David, raise awareness about the Post Traumatic Stress issues still bedeviling Veterans and raise funds for Save the Brave programs that help address this issue. Scott has never ridden [...]

Sun 7/19/2020

Richard Burt – A WWII Musical Legacy

2020-07-19T18:08:23-07:00July 19th, 2020|

Richard Burt, like many of his generation, volunteered when our nation entered World War II.  The Army decided he should be trained as a “Latrine Technician”.  However, recognizing the positive morale building effects of music, the Army also was standing up nearly 500 bands and this proved Richard Burt’s ticket out of permanent latrine duty. Burt was a very talented trumpet player and volunteered to deploy to the Pacific with the 746th Far East Air Force Band so that the [...]