Sun 6/16/2024

Raising Resilient Children – Jeff Nelligan

2024-06-16T11:50:31-07:00June 16th, 2024|

Jeff Nelligan is an Army Veteran that is recognized as one of the foremost commentators in the world of American Parenting. His book “Four Lessons from My Three Sons; How You Can Raise Resilient Kids” spent four months on the Amazon Parenting Best Seller’s List. His works have also been cited in numerous parenting magazines. In addition to his Army Service, he formerly worked for three members of our US Congress and was twice a Presidential appointee. He currently works [...]

Sun 6/9/2024

Code Name Nemo – Charles Lachman

2024-06-09T12:13:14-07:00June 9th, 2024|

Code Name Nemo was the name eventually given to one of the most daring and audacious missions of World War II – the effort to capture a German submarine intact. Charles Lachman joins us to share this fascinating and still little known story. The capture of U-505 was the first time since the War of 1812 that an enemy vessel was boarded and captured. Lachman is the Executive Producer of the nationally syndicated news program “Inside Edition” and the author [...]

Sun 6/2/2024

Alex Kershaw – Best Selling World War II Author

2024-06-02T12:15:17-07:00June 2nd, 2024|

Alex Kershaw is one of the foremost authors writing on World War II subject matter, having written multiple best sellers.  He was born in York, England and taught history before becoming a journalist. He has written for various publications including the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Sunday Times and the New York Times. His 2002 book “The Bedford Boys” became his first New York Times best seller. It tell the story of Bedford, Virginia, a small town that lost [...]

Sun 5/26/2024

Belleau Wood Pilgrimage – Jason Angell

2024-05-26T13:00:06-07:00May 26th, 2024|

Belleau Wood is the site of one of the most storied battles in US Marine Corps lore. Marine Veteran Jason Angell gathered up his family and made a “pilgrimage” to this famous World War I battlefield. His experience is recounted in the Havok Journal article “A Pilgrimage to Belleau Wood”. Jason is a ten year Marine Corps Veteran with three deployments to Iraq. He and his wife felt strongly that their teen aged children should be exposed to the sacrifices [...]

Sun 5/19/2024

Hazard Ground – Mark Zinno

2024-05-19T12:12:32-07:00May 19th, 2024|

The Hazard Ground podcast was created by Mark Zinno to allow members of our military to share their stories of combat & survival and deliver inspirational stories about resilience. Mark was studying communications at Loyola University and joined the ROTC to help pay for his tuition. His original intent was to simply complete his four year commitment to Army and then 9/11 happened. He now has twenty five years of service in both the active duty and the National Guard, [...]

Sun 5/12/2024

Fueled by the Fallen – Kevyn Major Howard

2024-05-12T11:59:24-07:00May 12th, 2024|

Fueled by the Fallen founder Kevyn Major Howard never served in the military. He has 31 film and television acting credits and is perhaps most recognized for his role as combat photographer “Rafterman” in the iconic Stanley Kubrick Vietnam war film “Full Metal Jacket”. We spend some time discussing the films production and the experience of working with greats like Kubrick and R. Lee Ermey. Because of his role in Full Metal Jacket, Kevyn was invited to visit the Twenty [...]

Sun 5/5/2024

“Chamber Divers” – Rachel Lance

2024-05-05T12:20:59-07:00May 5th, 2024|

“Chamber Divers”, a new book by Rachel Lance, uses recently declassified documents to recount the story of a somewhat ragtag group of scientist who forever changed special operations. Lance is a biological engineer and blast injury specialist who works as a researcher on military diving projects. She spent several years working with the US Navy building specialized diving equipment for our Special Forces. The need for better methods of scouting enemy beaches was apparent during the disastrous Dieppe Raid in [...]

Sun 4/28/2024

Air America Pilot Neil Graham Hansen

2024-04-28T14:33:05-07:00April 28th, 2024|

Air America pilot Neil Graham Hansen’s livelihood began in a manner that might portend what the rest of his career would be like. At age 23 he was the a private pilot for Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa. When I became apparent that Hoffa would be taking a “Federal Vacation”, Neil began looking for a new job. He responded to a newspaper ad seeking pilots to fly in Southeast Asia. He submitted an application but was told “we’re not hiring”. He [...]

Sun 4/21/2024

Bobbie the Weather Girl – Vietnam

2024-04-21T11:08:04-07:00April 21st, 2024|

“Bobbie the Weather Girl” may have been the most popular celebrity of the Vietnam War, eclipsing even Adrian Cronauer of “Good Morning Vietnam” fame. Her real name is Barbara Keith. Barbara grew up a military “brat”. Her father served in WWII, Korea & Vietnam and her mother was a Navy Nurse during WWII. She believes that “If you don’t do something for your country, don’t call yourself an American.” As an adventurous 19 year old, she was looking for her [...]

Sun 4/14/2024

Al Billings – Silver Star & DFC

2024-04-14T12:49:46-07:00April 14th, 2024|

Al “Hollywood” Billings developed a reputation as a Maverick while flying for the Sea Wolves.  The Sea Wolves (Helicopter Attack Squadron Light 3) were formed specifically to support Navy Special Warfare and Mobile Riverine Forces during the Vietnam War. They would become the most decorated Navy squadron of the war. We talk to Billings as part of our educational partnership with the Distinguished Flying Cross Society. He enlisted in the Naval Aviation Cadet program. “If you made it through you [...]

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