Stay safe is not only good advice; it is a topic that is at the heart of Greg Shaffer’s expertise.  Following 11 years in the Coast Guard and a 20 year career with the FBI, he founded the Shaffer Security Group. His company provides security consulting and risk assessments services for private and public sector clients.

stay safe

Photo Credit: Investigation Discovery Channel

The Investigation Discovery Channel drew upon Greg’s expertise for their series “Body Cam: Beyond the Badge.”  We discuss how Body Cameras have become an important tool in Law Enforcement and the insights they can provide. Greg shares insights about the dangerous situations faced by law enforcement officers and even the “silliest” body cam footage he has ever seen.

Greg has just published a new book titled “Stay Safe: Security Secrets for Today’s Dangerous World” that outlines the essential tools for becoming personally responsible for the security and safety of yourself and your loved ones.  He shares some important elements including situational awareness, pre-incident indicators and pre-fight desensitization.  Greg is a proponent of concealed carry but has some very strong sentiments and suggestions for those considering carrying a handgun for self-defense. He feels that NONE of the current state requirements meet the minimum standard that he would consider the necessary for safe concealed carry.

He emphasizes that there are many ways people can stay safe that don’t involve a weapon.

With the advent of more active shooter situations, Greg departs somewhat from the “Run, Hide, Fight” formula. “The hit rate on a moving target with a handgun is 4 percent. That means if you can run, you have a 96 percent chance of survival.” By far, the most critical element is these situations is a survival mindset; being prepared to do everything necessary to survive. “You HAVE to own those minutes – the cavalry is not going to come in time.”

TAKEAWAY: “The body can’t go where the mind has never been.”