The Reagan Legacy Foundation was created by Michael Reagan and his wife in order to advance the causes that his father, President Ronald Reagan, held dear and to memorialize the accomplishments of his presidency. He was inspired by a conversation he had in the hospital with his sister Maureen just before she passed – she asked him to consider doing something to carry on their father’s legacy.

Reagan Legacy

The Walkway to Victory campaign kicked off on in June with the objective of creating a lasting tribute to honor American, British and Canadian soldiers who gave of themselves in service to the liberation of France and Europe in WWII.  The walkways will connect the four buildings that make up the Airborne Museum located in Sainte Mere Englise, the first French town freed by US Paratroopers during the D-Day invasion.  Engraved walkway bricks are not limited to those 73,000 troops who invaded Normandy – anyone may purchase a brick to honor a Veteran.

Ronald Reagan was a Calvary Lieutenant when WWII broke out.  Despite having bad eyesight, he wanted in so badly that he memorized the eye charts in order to pass the physical.  He was also the first US President to visit Normandy on the anniversary of D-Day.

Michael feels very strongly about the Reagan Legacy Foundation’s programs to educate future generations. He is aghast at the number of young people he meets who have no idea about the impact upon current generations of those who fought to free the world during World War II and the Cold War.

Proceeds from sales of the Walkway to Victory bricks will support the Airborne Museum and scholarships for family members of sailors serving on the USS Ronald Reagan.

TAKEAWAY:  “My dad became knowledgeable because he came from a generation where they read everything. To this day I still tell young people that if they are readers they can be leaders.”