Old Guys and Their Airplanes Founder John Mollison started drawing at a young age. His father built model airplanes and John’s mother would encourage him to draw the scenes depicted on the boxes. He has created thousands of works of art that are on display in fourteen countries. What makes his images extra special is that he also interviews the pilots who flew the aircraft he depicts.Old Guys Airplanes

This “aha” moment came when John had already achieved success in his restaurant career but felt he was lacking skills in leading his teams. Triple World War II ace Bud Anderson agreed to mentor John and suggested he tape their conversations about leadership. One day Bud suggested “If you want to interview other older guys I will open up my rolodex.”

This show broadcasts from the 390th Memorial Museum in conjunction with a special ceremony presented by the Distinguished Flying Cross Society to honor Col. Richard Bushong. Col. Bushong is a B-17 pilot that was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bringing his crew and badly damaged aircraft safely home after a particularly dangerous bombing mission to Berlin. We give John the microphone to practice his craft by interviewing Col. Bushong.

John is committed to his Old Guys and Their Airplanes project because he believes that “history is nutritious”. Learning history also teaches us the virtues of faith and hope. He also believes that by introducing these heroes in a way that defines them as normal people it creates a touchstone that average civilians can understand.

John created a special drawing of Colonel Bushong’s aircraft for this event. Thirty numbered copies autographed by John and Col. Bushong are available as a fundraiser for the 390th Memorial Museum and may be purchased at their online store.

TAKEAWAY:  Both John &  I feel compelled to record as many of these stories as possible because “When an old man dies, a library burns.”