The Beauty of a Darker Soul author Joshua Mantz experienced possibly the most severe trauma possible and lived to tell about it. Kind of….

Darker Soul

Joshua in recovery

While on patrol outside of Sadr City in 2007, a sniper’s round first struck down Staff Sergeant Marlan Harper and then ricocheted into Joshua’s leg, severing his femoral artery.  In a testament to his training, Josh’s first reaction was to drag Sgt. Marlan to safety.  But soon he collapsed and felt every moment as he bled out. He took his last breath and died.

Josh was dead for a full 15 minutes.  But thanks to a medical team that wouldn’t give up Josh came back. Miraculously, he suffered no brain damage and remembers every moment.

But he found that the trauma of dying was not the only challenge he faced.  For a decade he would struggle with depression, guilt and other feelings that nearly led to his downfall.  However, by embracing his demons he would come to learn some truths about trauma..truths he shares in his new book “The Beauty of a Darker Soul; Overcoming Trauma Through the Power of Human Connection.

Trauma does not discriminate and is not limited to warriors or first responders. During this powerful discussion, Joshua shares his death experience and some of seven tenants of trauma recovery that can benefit everyone who has experienced trauma.

All of us experience suffering throughout our life. But it can give us the capacity to empathize with others on a much deeper level. Leveraging our experiences to help other people is the beauty that Josh found in the darkness.

Josh is donating proceeds from the first week’s book sales to the Integrated Recovery Foundation, a non-profit that helps female victims of military sexual trauma.

TAKEAWAY: “Even in my darkest moments, there was always someone in my life who had the strength and courage to plant healing seeds in my mind that would start to grow. It was being receptive to that feedback that kept me alive.”