WWeapon Huntere’ve got Paul ShullThe Weapon Hunter on same day as his second season debuts on the Smithsonian Channel!

Paul’s fascination with military history began as a young child when his great grandfather used to tell him stories about his service in the First and Second World Wars.  His passion for adventure and collecting military artifacts led the rock & roll promoter to create and host The Weapon Hunter.

Paul travels all over finding and helping to restore military artifacts, very often with the help of Veterans who used these weapons themselves in combat.  “I don’t just want to read about the past. I want to hold it, touch it..I want MY history lesson to leave a mark!”

From civil war cannon to the awe inspiring flame thrower, The Weapon Hunter fires them all.  But most importantly, Paul says it is about educating the population about this history and preserving it for future generations.  The program isn’t just about the weapons but the added value of having Veterans participate. One example he shares is firing an M-1 Garand with a Veteran who last used one at the Battle of the Bulge.  “We are NOT gaining Veterans of World War two Sir! And when they are gone, they are gone.” He says that if viewers are asking more questions at the end of each show, his job is done.

Paul’s passion for supporting Veterans also carries over into his charitable work. He shares the great work being done by Operation Restored Warrior. This program uses 97% of donated funds organizing and hosting programs that help Warriors deal with combat related stress. One of their programs is a 5-day “Drop Zone” where Veterans work with fellow Veterans to address their challenges.

Takeaway: “I have a great life today because of those who went before and didn’t. For those who CHOOSE to put down the plow and pick up the sword to defend my interest and the interest of my family and friends – I owe them a debt of gratitude that I could never possibly repay.”