deceased heroes“Baby It’s You” Messages from deceased heroes is a collection of stories shared by Gold Star families about messages they have received from their deceased family members.

Our guest Maureen McGill is a professor of theater and dance and was always interested in the awareness that extends beyond the physical body. She began researching near death studies. Her first book “Live From the Other Side” relates stories from ordinary people who have experienced messages from deceased relatives.

In “Baby It’s You” she shares the stories of relatives of military personnel who have been killed or committed suicide. The book is not a collection of “ghost stories” – it shares the power of true love to transcend death.  When the word went out to Gold Star families about the book, Maureen was somewhat surprised at how eager the families of deceased heroes were to share their stories.

Our guest also provides a distinction between “haunting” and spiritual messages.  These experiences are not always negative or evil.  Very often they provide a critical message of comfort and direction to the family members left behind.

Her stories contain messages that come from deceased heroes via a variety of mediums; waking dreams, songs on the radio, smells and even “pennies from heaven.” She proposes the possibility that the “vibration” sent by the living person could open up communication with the other side. She highlights her personal experience with a message from her deceased military father.

A particularly powerful story shared was about a grandmother who received repeated dream messages from her deceased soldier grandson talking about his son.  The messages made no sense until she received a phone call and found out that there was ANOTHER son from an old high school relationship. Neither the family nor the soldier knew about this young man until the call came.

TAKEAWAY:  Heaven’s door is not really closed to those who love.