Blackhawk Down

Col. Lawrence Casper

Their mission changed when the call went out; Blackhawk Down.

Twenty three years ago, a US Joint Special Operations Force with combined elements of Special Forces units from Army Special Operations Command, Air Force Special Operations Command and Navy Special Warfare Command were dispatched on a mission in the heart of Mogadishu, Somalia. Their objective was to capture two high value targets.

Blackhawk Down

Ranger Jeff Struecker

A mission planned for an hour turned into a running overnight battle and rescue operation when the Blackhawk Down call went out. By the end of the operation, US casualties numbered 73 wounded, 18 KIA and one pilot captured. The enemy casualties were estimated in the hundreds to as many as a thousand.

Two men received the Medal of Honor for their actions during the battle; MSgt Gary Gordon and Sgt 1st Class Randy Shughart. (Delta Force) Both volunteered to be dropped into a swarm of enemy militia in order to protect the crew of the downed helicopter Super Six Four.

This battle was to become the subject of the film Blackhawk Down.  Hear more about it from two men who were there.  Army Ranger Jeff Struecker and Colonel Lawrence Casper.