With Them Frontlines will be so much more than just a video game. While featuring actual missions undertaken by actual warriors is pretty cool, merging the game with other technologies to gain insights into PTSD treatment is a REAL game changer. The US video gaming market is a $97.6 billion industry and a technology readily embraced by many Global War on Terror Veterans.

With Them Frontlines is being produced by Austin based ORE System and in this episode we are joined by their Chief Operating Officer Shawn Piatz.  Shawn served 28 years in the Army, 23 of those as a Green Beret. Many of the ORE System senior management personnel are also Veterans.With Them Frontlines

ORE System is integrating technologies to produce “the most advanced gaming experience ever”. Satellite images and topographical maps are being used to recreate mission locations. Shawn says they want it be a game built by Veterans for Veterans & using actual warriors is being done by design.  One of the goals is to allow Veterans to reconnect with their “tribe” while helping to create a more informed civilian population.

The game will also feature the ability to synchronize with wearables that will gather data like heartrate, O2 levels, etc. This data will help researchers and healthcare professionals identify triggers and physiological responses. ORE is working with psychologists to incorporate therapeutics into the game as well. Shawn also sees the game as a method of breaking down the stigma often associated with PTSD.

Shawn encourages warriors who might be interested in integrating their stories into the game to contact the company via their website.

With Them Frontlines is currently available for pre-sale with the full software expected to roll out in December. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Veterans charities. Listeners can also support project development through their Indigogo campaign.

Shawn serves as a Board Member of the Special Operations Solutions Fund. Their niche is filling and addressing the immediate needs of Special Operations soldiers.

TAKEAWAY: “Check on your friends, reach out to your tribe. It’s all about taking care of one another and being a good human being.”