EOD Fudge founder Aaron Hale could have easily given up after losing his sight to an IED blast in 2011. Two years later he lost his hearing. Instead of retreating, Aaron decided if he was going to be blind, he would be “the best blind guy I could be.” Following his injuries he has climbed mountains, gone white water kayaking and run the Boston Marathon – twice.

EOD Fudge

Aaron joined the Navy as a cook. Following the 9/11 attacks he felt called to use his abilities and intellect to a better use. He volunteered to go to Afghanistan where he cooked for NATO & Army troops. It was there he met some Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) teams and decided he would rather save lives than cook. The Navy did not see a path from culinary specialist to EOD. So when his reenlistment window came up, Aaron left the Navy for the Army and became an EOD specialist.

In 2011 his team successfully defused an IED with their robot but when Aaron went forward to gather evidence, a second hidden bomb detonated. It broke every bone in his face, cracked his skull and took both eyes. Three years later, a bout with Meningitis took his hearing. (He has since regained hearing with the help of a cochlear implant.)

Thanks to the donation of an adaptive home from Building Homes for Heroes, Aaron returned to cooking. His wife noticed him smiling for the first time in years. He was churning out so much fudge his wife began giving it away. It was so good those persons asked if they could buy more and EOD Fudge was born. During the pandemic he also produced a Tik Tok series called “Cookin Without Lookin”.

Aaron also hosts the Point of Impact podcast which focuses on stories of turning tragedy into triumph and can be booked for inspirational presentations through his website.

TAKEAWAY: “Don’t ask why is this happening TO me?  The proper mindset is why is this happening FOR me?”