Havok Journal Editor Scott Faith joins us for the first show of the New Year; a retrospective on 2020. Havok Journal is my “go to” website for all things Veteran and Military.Havok Journal

Scott and I discuss the messages shared in several of their articles published over the last year, beginning with “Resolutions for Veterans”.  The piece is based upon a poll of all their writers.

The number one resolution on the list reinforces the mission of both the Journal and American Warrior Radio; encouraging Veterans to tell their story.  Several of the resolutions touch on the theme of helping fellow Veterans and their families and seeking help when needed.

Havok Journal’s “biggest” article of 2020 was “We Are the Useful Idiots; How Our Nation Divided is Playing Strait into the Hands of our Greatest Enemies” written by Dr. Alice Atalanta. Alice builds upon comments from a 34 year Intelligence Officer who calls out the vulnerability of a polarized nation. She also provides tips on how each of us can take responsibility for not spreading disinformation on social media and putting out the “flame wars.”

We wrap up with a piece written by Kevin Wilson about the biggest “cyber blue on blue” event of the year:  “Cancel Culture; Black Rifle Coffee Company vs 2A Bro Vets”.  Black Rifle was founded by Green Beret Evan Hafer in 2014 and has become one of our nation’s most successful Veteran owned companies. They have millions of social media followers and generated revenues of $80 million 2019. An ill-advised link to the Kyle Rittenhouse incident by one of their affiliates created quite a kerfuffle in the Veteran community.

TAKEAWAY: “Perhaps more than some others, we as Vets know yesterday is done, today is a gift, and there is no guarantee of tomorrow. The coming year is yours – what will YOU do with it?”