On The Blue Line founder and host Wayne Mulder never thought he would become a cop but he has now worn the badge for nine years. On the Blue Line is one of the podcasts hosted by Heroes Media Group.blue line

Wayne created the On the Blue Line podcast in March of 2019. The program is “Geared to help cops find success in what REALLY matters, your life outside the badge.”  He motivation is to help other law enforcement professionals find balance between their vocation and their family.

Wayne and I discuss life on the thin blue line in the context of today’s current events and ideas for improving the situation.  We both agree that productive conversations cannot begin from the position of eliminating police forces.  Other issues we discuss include;

  • The need to increase rather than decrease funds for training.
  • The challenges involved with recruiting GOOD law enforcement candidates in the current environment.
  • Some of the innovative programs that better engage social/behavioral health professionals in certain calls.
  • The importance of pro-active and community policing in reducing crime.
  • Issues on use of force escalations that many civilians misunderstand.
  • Why no one hates bad cops more than good cops and what can be done to help weed out the bad apples.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking AND revealing comment of our conversation was Wayne’s statement that it is not uncommon when he comes home for him to check his children to make sure they are still breathing. These are the types of issues that civilians need to understand and appreciate.

As a front line leader, Wayne says one of the core elements of his job is making sure his officers get home safely and they can keep communication open with their communities and families.

TAKEAWAY: “Unfortunately, sometimes in life and law enforcement we can have tragic outcomes even when everyone has done everything right.”