Havok JournalThe Havok Journal seeks to serve as the voice of the Veteran community through a focus on current affairs and articles of interest to the public in general, and the Veteran community in particular. Editor Scott Faith joins us for a discussion about PTSD.

Havok Journal authors come principally from the military and first responder community and their opinions on this topic are divergent.  Many consider PTSD as the “third rail” of the Veteran community.


In the article “Why I’ve Become Skeptical of PTSD Claims..and Why You Should be Too” Scott discusses how financial and cultural incentives and misdiagnosis are working against persons who actually suffer from PTSD.  While recognizing PTSD is VERY real for many Veterans he points out that it has also become an excuse for some who would claim victimhood for bad personal decisions. He also shares his personal story of doctors wanting to diagnose PTSD because he was a multiple tour combat vet when what he really had was sleep apnea.

We also discuss two very powerful articles posted at Havok Journal;  “Learning to Breathe Through the Journey of Addiction and PTSD” and “PTSD,TBI, Sex and Relationships “   Is a very powerful piece that also contains many nuggets of wisdom that can be helpful to anyone facing challenges in their relationship.

5 Ways to Heal PTSD and Save Money at the Same Time” presents some good positive steps that don’t involve medication and centers around “helping get your body right so you can get your minds right”.

Two programs that have shown success in helping Veterans address PTSD are Boulder Crest Retreat and Operation Surf. Scott stresses that while there is post-traumatic stress there is also post-traumatic growth and the importance of Veterans finding “a second mission” in life after leaving military service.

TAKEAWAY:  “Don’t take for granted the persons things and number of days in your life. Just be a good person and communicate.”