Deliver Fund Co-Founder and Exec. Director Nic McKinley used to save lives and catch bad guys overseas. Now he does it right here in our country.

Deliver Fund

Nic mentioned to a Navy recruiter that he wanted to be a medic in the SEAL Teams.  The response was “Why wouldn’t you just become a PJ?”  Nic had never heard of Air Force pararescue but went on to spend 10 years serving as a member of these elite teams.

While attached to a Joint Special Operations team shortly after 9/11, he noticed some other team members that were “kind of held in reverence by the JSOC guys”. He learned that they were detailed to the CIA and the idea really resonated with Nic.  As a special agent he was responsible for executing full spectrum intelligence operations in high threat & high risk environments. Nic described this time with the CIA as a “long term chess game”.

It was because of his time with the CIA that Nic was featured in a recent Vice Channel segment on REAL people that performed duties like the “Jack Ryan” character in Tom Clancy novels.

Nic returned from a deployment to find divorce papers in his mailbox. When he started a “second family” he decided that being a good father and husband was more important than his work with the CIA.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children found an 846% increase in leads involving child sex trafficking coming into their tip line over the course of five years.  These are American children being trafficked in US cities.

Nic co-founded the Deliver Fund to create a centralized high tech support system for local law enforcement agencies working to address the scourge of human trafficking right here in our own backyards. The team that he has assembled at the Deliver Fund reads like a who’s who of specialists. They have achieved a 100 % conviction rate on the cases with which they have been involved.

TAKEAWAY: “We’ve got world changing technologies but it all costs money. Don’t underestimate the power of donating ten dollars per month.”