There is a critical distinction between the Martial Arts and Martial Sciences.  Today’s guests clarify the differences and teach us more about the science of protection.

martial sciences

Johnny Linebarger is the CEO and Director of Training for KoSho Martial Training Institute. He spent 9 years in the US Air Force as a specialist in aerospace security. He is a three time All-American and holds nine world titles in sport karate competition.

John Viol started training in martial sciences 1967. He was recruited by Marine Corps out of high school but rerouted into multi-service program and spent some time working for NATO. His expertise includes professional grade personal protection and he has trained civilians and professionals all around the world. He holds a doctorate degree in bio-mechanics.

Our guests emphasize that EVERYONE is a Warrior – we already have the survival instinct imprinted in our DNA. However, the weakest link in the protection chain is still the general public. It is this link that the martial sciences seek to forge through training and programming.

John emphasized that Warriors aren’t taught, they are programmed.  Training, programming and coding allow an individual, like a computer, to execute.  This programming/coding includes things like threat assessment, awareness of both the environment and one’s own capabilities and ability to determine the appropriate use of force.

The martial sciences prepare individuals to protect themselves and their community and focus upon expediency and practical, reality based training. The one word that distinguishes the martial sciences from the martial arts is potency.

Both guests emphasized that EVERYONE should experience some type of reality based training in order to increase their capacity or chances of survival in a bad situation. The disturbing case of murdered real estate agent Beverly Carter highlights the dangers everyone can face in their regular lives.

TAKEAWAY: “Defending is one step behind protecting.”