Freedom and Liberty are the focus topics for this special Independence Day discussion with 20 year Air Force Veteran Jamie Harwick.

Using relevant comments from previous guests, Jamie and I share our gratitude for the freedom we enjoy as US citizens and for those who sacrifice to keep us free.

Gary Sinise:  Gary relates the contrast between freedom and tyranny that was starkly evident the first time he visited the Korean DMZ.  He also shares his motivation for continuing to support those who serve and their families.

Col. Lee Ellis:  Lee’s case is an extreme one of what can happen when you lose ALL freedom and liberty.  He was a POW in Vietnam for five years and shares how even the most simple things like deciding when and what you are going to eat or being able to look out at the stars may not seem important until you can’t do them anymore.

Hershel “Woody” Williams:  This Marine was awarded our nation’s highest honor for Valor while defendig our nation during World War II – the Medal of Honor. Hershel discusses all the GOOD that we have in our nation and his frustration that today’s society too often focuses on the bad things.

Jamie shares his experiences from serving in countries where the freedom and liberties we take for granted are foreign concepts.  We both agree from our experiences traveling around the world that most people, no matter their nationality, want the same things as we do; to be left independent to pursue happiness in our own lives. The genius of our US system is that it allows us to pursue those ideals without the impediments that so many other citizens around the globe have to face.

Enjoy your freedom but don’t let it atrophy! Stay engaged! Please enjoy this special broadcast and share with your friends and families on this Independence Day.