Our nation struggles with another mass shooting. The answer to what drives these individuals to wreak carnage upon the innocent and what we can do to mitigate future attacks is a complicated and multi-faceted discussion.

As we mature we find that many of life’s issues are NOT black and white and cannot be resolved with a simple, quick or knee jerk solution. American Warrior Radio is not the forum to debate this issue.

However, I WAS a Boy Scout. And the motto I first learned upon entry to that organization applies to many situations in life; Be Prepared. While you and I will not solve the issue of violence in our society today, there IS one thing we can do – Be Prepared.

Heaven forbid it ever happens to you, your family or your fellow employees but you can be prepared – have a plan. We share a discussion with two experts in the field of Active Shooter Situations. Please listen and please share. Be prepared.