One of the joys of hosting a radio show is getting feedback. Because American Warrior Radio broadcasts on multiple days in several markets, we don’t take calls on the air.

Apart from the AWR fan (who happens to also be a radio host) that texts me during interviews, feedback is never immediate. There IS the Phoenix listener who calls almost every week to discuss the episode that just aired. He always has valuable insights and I look forward to our regular chats.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we got a note from our Sacramento affiliate asking us to call a listener who wrote their station. I did, and it turns out she is a retiree on a fixed income but every month she makes a donation to a charitable organization. She heard one of our features and wanted to make a contribution.  Then a few days ago we received a call from another retiree in Massachusetts who told a similar story. She couldn’t remember the name of the charity so we went through a list together and she settled on making a contribution to Spike’s K9 Fund.

Doing radio is a privilege. But feedback like that REALLY puts the icing on the cake. If you have a story to share don’t be shy about reaching out!