The first Havok Journal check-in of the year with editor Scott Faith. Havok Journal is an online publication with articles heavily focusing on military and law enforcement issues.

Our discussion features multiple topics covered by Havok Journal authors so far this year including:

New Year’s Resolutions for Veterans

While studies have shown that resolutions themselves rarely “stick”, the process of self-evaluation and writing resolutions can be very beneficial. Havok Journal polled their writers and listed their top 8 resolutions for Veterans.  Suggestions include; telling their stories, not acting as if they world owes them something, helping their fellow veterans whenever they can, asking for help when they need it, checking in with Gold Star families, setting examples of responsible citizenship, always being proud of who you are and what you do and helping to write the next chapter of our nation’s history.

Foreign Policy

Entering a New Year we also took a look back at a 2017 piece on foreign policy and how things have progressed under the new administration.  Both Scott and I share our opinions regarding the proper role of military action in the context of diplomacy and our world standing. “You have to reach people on a level they understand and in much of the world..unfortunately.. only understands the use of force.”

Gender Integration in the Military

A recent Havok Journal article discusses how the doubling of the numbers of sexual assault reporting at Westpoint may actually be a GOOD thing.  Scott’s hypothesis is that this may mean that leadership is truly taking this issue seriously and facilitating an environment where cadets are more comfortable coming forward.

Another article discusses how the best thing we can do to help fully integrate women into combat arms, we must be more apathetic to their gender and judge them solely upon their capabilities. Until we adopt equal standards, some will also have suspicions. Too many in our society still confuse equality of opportunity with equal outcomes.

TAKEAWAY:  “It is important to learn to love battle axe or someone else will. We take on bullies, we don’t act like a bully..but sometimes if you want to keep the bullies in line you have to be the biggest, baddest kid on the block. Everyone in the world respects strength.”