Havok Journal editor Scott Faith checks in to share updates on some of the issues & articles from their website.  The writings at Havok Journal are compelling, interesting and sometimes humorous.

This “buffet for the brain” discussion delves into several issues.  We begin with a “how not to make military friends segment” by sharing the story of an east coast auctioneer who advertised a big sale of household goods/personal property of military members who were stationed overseas.  While the auction house later clarified this was abandoned property and they had followed all requirements for notification of the property owners, the stir caused them to cancel the auction until issues could be clarified.

Next we get Scott’s take on the situation with North Korea. While this could be more of the saber rattling we have come to expect from that nation’s leader, Scott shares his perspective from two years stationed near the DMZ.

Lastly we discuss Scott’s rationale for why our nation should bring back the military draft. He suggests that a limited military draft should go into effect any time there is a military conflict lasting longer than 180 days and involving the deaths of more than 1000 US service members.   He makes a compelling case, especially in terms of the fact that war has become an abstraction for a great percentage of the American populace.

Scott also makes a very good case for the fact that we HAVE had a draft to fulfill the manpower needs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through the “stop loss” program during which some members were prevented from leaving the military and involuntarily recalling inactive Reservists to active duty.  This practice requires those to have already fulfilled their obligation to our nation to continue to bear the burden on seeming unending conflicts.

TAKEAWAY: Havok Journal is an excellent source for the perspectives of Veterans and the civilians who support them.