BBG with John Eslinger at his Honorary Commander “Retirement”

I thought the whole reason for having a guest host was so that I could take the occasional weekend off – but John Eslinger had other ideas.

In the nearly 30 years I have been supporting the military, I always knew that it was the right thing to do but never gave much thought to what led me down this path or the influences it has had on my life. John challenges me by putting ME in the hot seat and quizzing me on the factors that led to my role as host for American Warrior Radio.

Growing up my family didn’t have much interaction with the military. No one on my mother or fathers side of the family served except an uncle who was drafted during the Korean War.  My fascination began sophomore year in high school with a book report on “1,000 Destroyed” by Grover Hall, Jr.  Mr. Hall was the Public Relations officer for the 4th Fighter group during World War II. I wanted to be a fighter pilot but life had other ideas in store.

We discussed some of the circumstances that led to my increased interaction with the military and eventual role as a talk show host. From the Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee to my brother’s bronze star about which he STILL cannot speak.

As a radio host I am able to participate in many activities that are fun for a civilian. However, the real rewards I receive from interacting with the men & women of our military come in terms of inspiration and the mental/emotional “recharge” of observing persons committed to a cause greater than themselves.

Air Force Veteran Chris Cobb also phones in to share his mission to climb the highest mountain in North America to raise money for the Arizona Fisher House.  People can make a pledge here and follow his step by step progress on his Facebook page.