memorial day

Toast to the Fallen

Remote broadcast and “Toast to the Fallen” from Green Feet Brewing Company. Green Feet Brewing takes their name from the Combat Search and Rescue tradition adopted during the Vietnam War when they used CH-3 “Jolly Green Giant” helicopters.

Guests: Charles Smith from Tucson Map and Flag discussing Memorial Day Flag protocols

Green Feet Proprietor and 20+ Combat Search and Rescue Veteran Scott Peterson

Underwriter Nova Home Loans discussed the often underused VA home loan program.

Author Jenny LaSala has collected the stories of nearly 1,000 veterans and regularly posts them on her Facebook Page “COMES a Soldier’s Whisper”

Para Rescue Flight Surgeon Dr. Josh Appel, a participant in the “Lone Survivor” mission shares his feelings on comrades they were not able to bring home alive.

Recording artist Radney Foster, performer of heart rending “Angel Flight”