Stolen Valor - B.G.BurkettIt has been called the “largest fraud ever perpetuated upon the American public”. Military fakers are not only stealing honor, in some cases they are stealing millions of dollars from the public.  B.G. Burkett is the foremost expert on Stolen Valor and Author of the book “Stolen Valor; How the Vietnam Generation Was Robbed of Its Heroes and Its History”

B.G. Burkett served with the 199th Light Brigade infantry in Vietnam. He was first inspired to pursue the issue after being asked to help raise funds for a Vietnam War in Texas. He was shocked at the amount of vitriol directed a Vietnam Vets. The image of a pitiful, post traumatic stressed out veteran did not jibe with the path he followed and the successful Vietnam Vets that Burkett knew.

So he began to research the backgrounds of the many “veterans” cited in the media. He found that many NEVER served in the military or at the least never set foot in Vietnam.  His crusade to clear the image of Vietnam Veterans inspired the first national law regarding Stolen Valor. He still remains the foremost expert on the subject and is regularly sought out to provide investigative research and testimony in related cases.