Special Investigations Training – Lt. Col. John Hoffman

October 2nd, 2021|

The Office of Special Investigations is an Air Force unit whose mission includes investigating felony level crimes and conducting counter intelligence operations.  They are highly trained and this show discusses a rather unique training exercise implemented by the Commander of OSI Detachment 217. While assigned duties at Davis-Monthan Air Force base, Lt. Colonel John J. Hoffman and his wife visited Tombstone, Arizona and took in a gunfight re-enactment. It struck him that it would be interesting to do crime scene training on a movie set.  He ran the idea up the chain of command and before long was undertaking Operation [...]


Listener Feedback Keeps Us Going

September 26th, 2021|

One of the joys of hosting a radio show is getting feedback. Because American Warrior Radio broadcasts on multiple days in several markets, we don't take calls on the air. Apart from the AWR fan (who happens to also be a radio host) that texts me during interviews, feedback is never immediate. There IS the Phoenix listener who calls almost every week to discuss the episode that just aired. He always has valuable insights and I look forward to our regular chats. Just a couple of weeks ago, we got a note from our Sacramento affiliate asking us to call [...]


Bone Rattle – US Marshal Marc Cameron

August 1st, 2021|

“Bone Rattle” author Marc Cameron is quite familiar with some of the scenarios presented in his latest thriller. He lived them during his long career with the US Marshals Service. Bone Rattle is the latest addition to his “Arliss Cutter” series and joins Marc’s bestselling Jericho Quinn thriller collection. Marc was also chosen to continue the very popular Tom Clancy books. Much of Marc’s career was in judicial protection but he most enjoyed his time in fugitive apprehension units. He draws his story ideas both from his experiences and travels as well as current world events like the John Clark [...]


Volition America – John Sapiente

July 21st, 2021|

Volition is a powerful concept first introduced to John Sapiente by Air Force pilot Dan Rooney.  Rooney advocates; “It’s the most empowering force in the world. Volition is the POWER of choice. Every day we wake up we have a choice; we can be positive, we can be negative. We can choose to love, we can choose to hate. We can choose to pursue our dreams and our passions in life. But understand, our choices will culminate to write the legacy of our lives.” As a busy manufacturing executive responsible for two companies, John Sapiente never really thought about or [...]


DELTA Force Original – Mike Vining

May 16th, 2021|

DELTA Force is one of the world’s premier Tier One military units – and Mike Vining was an original member. As a teen, Mike was always fascinated with science. He responded to an advertisement in the back of Popular Science Magazine and sent a dollar for “101 Explosives & Pyrotechnic Formulas”.  The career of an explosive ordnance disposal technician was born. Mike volunteered for service in Vietnam and participated in the demolition of largest cache of enemy ammunition & explosives during that war. Discovered in Cambodia, the massive stockpile of weapons was nicknamed "Rock Island East". The 79 ton cache [...]


Advocacy for Veterans – Joshua Hosler

March 29th, 2021|

Veteran advocacy is a passion for Joshua Hosler. That is why he and his fellow Veteran Anthony Archer founded Veteran Sheepdogs of America.  As disabled Veterans, they both have personal experiences within the VA system and recognized a gap that needed to be filled. Joshua served as an assistant platoon leader and bomb dog handler in the Marines. While he never had plans to enter the political arena, some of the things he saw overseas inspired him to get more involved when he left the Corps. “Seeing what the Afghani people felt after voting for the first time in their [...]

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