“I Married the War” is a powerful new documentary from husband & wife independent filmmakers Betty & Ken Rodgers. It tells the stories of 11 military wives whose lives were forever changed when their husbands returned from combat. The women span from World War II to present day.Married War

Betty and Ken previously produced another great documentary named “Bravo; Common Men, Uncommon Valor.” That film relates the stories of the Marines that fought at the siege of Khe Sahn. Ken fought there and was awarded a Purple Heart.

The idea of “I Married the War” came when they attended a reunion of Khe Sahn Veterans. One of the Marines told Betty “You are a Vietnam Veteran too.” It was during that reunion that they joined a seminar with 50 other couples and discovered there was a name for some of the actions Ken had been manifesting – PTSD.  Ken’s manifestations included being quick to anger, always sitting with his back to a wall and self-medication. He admits he thought at the time “I DIDN’T have PTSD that was someone else’s problem.” However, during a dinner with another couple shortly after the reunion, Ken was triggered resulting in a scary situation. It was then he decided to seek help.

There are more than 5.5 million military caregivers. Many are subjected to “secondary PTSD.” The stories told by the 11 wives in “I Married the War” are both heartbreaking and inspiring as they deal with the conflicts that followed their husband home from war.   In helping their husbands, many of the wives developed a new sense of self that made them stronger.

Ken and Betty are happy to partner with any local Veteran’s organization who might be interested in hosting a screening of the documentary as a fundraising event.  They also list a variety of support and help organizations at their website.

TAKEAWAY: As searing as this documentary is, it is also a collection of love stories. These women refused to give up on their husbands.