Weaponizing the Influencers; Strategy in a Time of “COVID” examines the weaknesses exposed by the COVID-19 virus outbreak and how enemies of the United States could use the current situation as a blueprint for future aggression. We are joined by Scott Faith, Editor of The Havok Journal for his perspective and why he chose to publish the article.Weaponizing Influencers

In the article I describe the three phases of an action that could bring the US to its knees without ever firing a shot in anger.

Phase I: Prepare the battlespace by dominating the rare earth minerals, consumer electronic and pharmaceutical markets.

Phase II:  Wait for an opportune catastrophe to coincide with a time of national division and pervasive technology that allows for instantaneous communication of disinformation and rumor.

Phase III: Stand back while the general public to begins spreading rumors, causing panic buying and influencing markets. Wait for weak leadership, pressured to take SOME KIND of action, to invoke draconian rules that further complicate the economics and sow further discord among a populace accustomed to liberty.

Weaponizing the Influencers is one of the many COVID related articles recently published at the Havok Journal. Others include; “COVID-19: The Recipe for Success Includes a Dash of Prepper” and “COVID-19: Take It Seriously or We Risk Losing Our Freedom”

Scott and I have somewhat of a departure of philosophy in some areas but we both agree that the current division and lack of trust in leadership has complicated the situation. The“vaccine” for the problem is simply having Americans keep a cool head and support each other. We both agree on our trust in the resiliency of the American people.

TAKEAWAY: We should allow remember some rules from the book “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”: Share Everything, Play Fair & Wash Your Hands