Capt. Dale DyeYou recognize his face from roles in “Platoon”, “Saving Private Ryan” and “Band of Brothers”.  But did you know Dale Dye was also awarded the Bronze Star “V” and THREE Purple Heart Medals during his service in Vietnam?

Dye did not set out to be an actor but he was angered at how the average grunt was portrayed in Hollywood war movies.  So he undertook a mission to bring accuracy and realism to Hollywood.

His firm Warriors, Inc. is now recognized as Hollywood’s foremost military consulting firm. During this chat with American Warrior Radio, Dale Dye shares his technique of taking actors into the field and providing them with as realistic an experience as possible including sleep deprivation, arms training and tactics. He shares some of the actors he has enjoyed working with like Gary Sinise and Tom Hanks. And..some of the “other weirdness” that this career has brought him like the development of the Medal of Honor video game series, consulting on music videos and even a banana fight with a chimpanzee.