Silencer Central owner and CEO Brandon Maddox joins us to address the most common misconceptions about weapon suppressors. He is a nationally recognized thought leader on Class-3 Firearms.Silencer Central

Brandon began his professional career as a pharmacist. A marriage moved him from the Southeastern US to South Dakota and he soon found himself hunting varmints. Because the animals would scatter upon hearing the first shot, Brandon decided to purchase a suppressor. The process was so difficult that it lead him to founding Silencer Central.

While the technical name is suppressor, most persons refer to them as “silencers” so Brandon decided to keep that name for his company. We discuss the most common misconceptions and benefits of using suppressors.  They are an important safety device for members of the military and law enforcement who shoot on a regular basis.

Silencer Central sells approximately 100,000 units annually. Many of their first customers were farmers and ranchers. Because suppressors are federally regulated, they have expanded to have locations/representatives in each of the 42 states were suppressors are legal to own. (It is illegal to purchase/use a suppressor in CA, HI, IL, NY, NJ, MA, RI, DE & the District of Columbia) Brandon takes pride in the fact that they make the process as easy as possible for their customers. From start to finish, the process takes about 6 months.

As a pharmacist, Brandon was trained to pay attention to details and he had to be certified both on the state and federal regulations. This experience proved beneficial as he expanded Silencer Central’s footprint to other states. When got to branches in 21 states, he received a “free invitation” to visit with the ATF. During the meetings they added some additional requirements including the need for Brandon to meet personally with ATF representatives in every state which he operates.

All of their products are manufactured in the United States. Silencer Central will also providing barrel threading for their customers in order to facilitate installation of the suppressor.  They also support numerous military & law enforcement with charitable donations.