The Second Mission Foundation was formed by Lt. Col. Charles Faint and other Veterans associated with The Havok Journal. Charles is a career Army Military Intelligence officer who has spent a great deal of his career in the intelligence community.  He is also the owner of The Havok Journal. We are honored that he chose American Warrior Radio as the first forum to publicly announce the Second Mission Foundation.Second Mission

The Second Mission Foundation is a non-profit that was formed to educate, elevate and advocate for members of America’s service community in order to help them find their “second mission” after government service. Many Veterans find a void in their lives when they leave the service and this new organization will help them find a new mission. Their target demographics are military personnel, first responders and private security contractors. Charles emphasizes that their new purpose does not necessarily have to be in a related field; they may become teachers, farmers, entrepreneurs or choose to run for office.

The organizers put a great deal of thought into other organizations already operating in the space that they wanted to serve but did not find any other non-profits serving the demographic they wanted to address in the manner they felt could help.

Their two principal forums will be education and advocacy. Their first education event is a screening of the award winning documentary film “More Than Our War” that features several Veterans like Leo Jenkins. They also plan to publish compendiums of stories told by Veterans. Their first project focusing on special operations stories is already underway. Their business model also allows for financial support of other organizations helping Veterans make a transition.

The Advocacy Wing will help diminish the trope that all Veterans are broken. They will also advocate for programs that help Veterans, first responders and contractors. Charles cites the example of the burn pit issues afflicting many Veterans.

Persons can find our more information by visiting their website or sending an email to